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PVN numurs: LV50103785391
Juridiskā adrese: Traleru iela 2A, Rīga, Latvija
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Pressure treatment is a process that forces wood preservatives into the wood. These processes are considered the best and most effective method to extend and preserve timber life. Preservatives protect the wood from attack by wood ingesting insects; like termites, and wood rot caused by fungal decay


Chemicals we use:

Korasit KS 2

Water-soluble, fixing, liquid wood preservative based on complex copper compounds and a highly effective quaternary ammonium compound, free from chromate and boron.

Axil 3000P+
  • Insecticidal and fungicidal treatment
  • Colorless or tinted version by simply adding
    a color from the AXIL COLOR COLLECTION
    range, during the treatment cycle
  • Formulated without copper
  • Gluing and/or decoration are possible just
    after treatment and drying
Antiblu Select

ANTIBLU Select wood preservative provides a tried, tested and proven short term protection against Sapstain, sometimes called blue stain, and mould. ANTIBLU helps to maintain timber’s clean and bright appearance and its commercial value.ANTIBLU treatments are ideal for the protection of pallet and packaging timbers


We are a WPA Benchmark Approved (TW) Treater

The WPA Benchmark (TW) Quality Approval Scheme is administered by the UK Wood Protection
Association (WPA). It relates specifically to the durability of wood and wood based materials pretreated
by an industrial process.
As an Approved Treater our treatment plant(s) have been subject to audit and shown to have
robust systems in place which demonstrate we are capable of producing correctly treated material
under the terms of the WPA Benchmark scheme.

Learn more here: http://www.thewpa.org.uk//quality-schemes